Your local dog groomers who love pampering your puppy


The team here at Hot Doggy Dog Grooming Services all pride ourselves on providing superior service. Our Dog Grooming services include the following, and much more.

We value the long term, friendly relationships that we develop with our clients and this is why we strive to exceed expectations of punctuality and reliability each and every time we serve you.

Highly Skilled Dog Groomers

Hot Doggy Dog Grooming Services uses state of the art equipment in the hands of highly skilled groomers. Our dog groomers are experienced in a wide range of different techniques, animals and environments. Absolutely loving dogs and animals in general means we love our job and make every interaction a happy and friendly experience.

Fixed price service

Our friendly dog groomers at Hot Doggy Dog Grooming Services will only ever charge what was quoted over the phone or via email. We also take pride in offering money back guarentees and even honoring competitors pricing and vouchers!

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