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Dog Grooming Eastwood

We at Hot Doggy Dog Grooming Services are based and reside in Eastwood, so it's our home turf. We know the area, some of the residents and their puppies very well.

So why choose us for a dog groomer in Eastwood?

Well, it’s not only our professionalism that makes the difference, it’s the level of care we show our customers:

> We’ve spent a lot of time working and living in Eastwood and know the area well.

> We know there’re so many beautiful dogs in Eastwood so we make sure to treat them well. Our dog groomers use their utmost care and professionalism when dealing with your puppy.

> Our dog groomers only use state-of-the-art tools which allows them to do the best job possible.

One the things people like most about us is that we don’t like to surprise our customers with extra charges. So when you allow us to work with your puppy in Eastwood we give you fixed price quotes. What we quote for you at the beginning is what you pay.

Because we are living and local to Eastwood, you can rest assured we will be at your residence early and ready to go. You can call us on 0401 347 732 at any time of the day, any day of the year and we’ll be straight over to your home.

So, whatever dog grooming needs your puppy requires, know that we have it covered. Maybe you need a dog groomer in Eastwood for one of these reasons:

> Trimming your dog's hair

> Washing your puppies hair

> Treating your puppy with an anti-flea bath

> Cutting your dog's long nails

Or maybe your puppy needs something different.

Whatever dog grooming requirements you have you can count on us.

Call us now on 0401 347 732 for help with all your dog grooming needs.

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