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Dog Grooming Epping

The number of dogs being registered in Epping is growing, so we at Hot Doggy Dog Grooming have extra staff servicing this area. We have worked with all types of puppies in Epping from Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers.

So, why would you choose us when you need dog grooming in Epping?

> We've had many years experience serving Epping residents with top not dog grooming care.

> We use state-of-the-art dog grooming equipment to ensure your puppy is safe, well looked after and the job is done quickly and safely.

> We are huge pet lovers, and treat every puppy as a new unique friend we can share.

We always strive for the best possible price to ensure you get the best service at the best rate. If you find a cheaper dog groomer in Epping let us know and we will beat it.

You can get one of our dog groomers in Epping to help with the following:

> Grooming your puppy's hair

> Clipping your pup's long nails

> Cleaning your dog's ears

> Brushing your puppy's teeth

> Any and all other things puppy related!

If you need a dog groomer in Epping just give us a call on 0401 347 732 and we’ll have someone over at your place as soon as we can.

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