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Dog Grooming Hunters Hill

At Hot Doggy Dog Grooming Services, we love grooming dogs in the luscious suburb of Hunters Hill. We know the area very well as we've been a local for more than 20 years.

We have groomed all sorts of breeds in the Hunters Hill area, from jumping Jack Russells to impressive Irish Wolf Hounds.

Why should you choose us to groom your dog in Hunters Hill?

Our level of professionalism, care and dedication sets us apart from everyone else:

> We have lived and worked in and around Hunters Hill for more than 20 years.

> We know lots of friendly puppies in the area and are regularly a stone's throw away at any given time.

> We are always on time, communicate everything clearly, honestly and most important - we care about your dog.

Our most popular dog grooming services for Hunters Hill clients are generally the following:

> Clipping your dog's coat

> Shampooing and rinsing

> Sprucing up puppies hair style

> Clipping nails

Whatever your dog grooming requirements are you can rely on us.

Call us now on 0401 347 732 for any questions, comments, suggestions or to book an appointment in!

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