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Dog Blow Drying

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Blow drying services for your puppy

All of our mobile dog groomers are equipped with the latest blow dryers that have been specifically designed for dog groomers.

It is important that when a dog groomer blow dries your dog that the equipment is safe and designed for dogs otherwise it can be unpleasant and even dangerous for your puppy.

Our blow drying machines are quiet and compact so that most dogs don't even realise they are getting dried. Most of the time dogs that do realise they are getting blow dried notice a slight warmth and enjoy the feeling of the warm air on their clean coat.

It is important to blow dry your dog after a wash/shampoo as most dogs don't enjoying being wet and should get dry quickly after a wash to ensure they do not get sick and remain comfortable.

To make sure your dog has a safe and efficient blow dry, give us a call today on 0401 347 732.